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Somali Frankincense Alliance Branded as Somfal Group is a reputed Frankincense Supplier and Exporter of 100% natural products especially Frankincense Carteri , Frankincense Frereana, The aim of the company is to give its clients a competitive edge in the market. Over the years, the company has evolved and grown exponentially by entering into strategic alliances and partnerships with various manufacturers and producers in their respective fields of specialization.
The company is famous as a professionally managed organization of Frankincense Resins .These professionals are Environmental Health Scientists, business and social scientists well equipped  with vast knowledge in production , handling and marketing of the products .

The company’s main offices are located in the city of Bossaso Puntland-Somalia. This region happens to be one of the best frankincense Ferereana and Carteri producing area in the world.